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Meet Linda Dazey

Dazey House Cleaning was developed in 1997 by Linda Dazey, the owner.

She was born and raised in Ladue, Missouri and is a graduate of Parkway West High School. In August of 2016, Linda expanded her business so she could offer more people her environmentally friendly house cleaning services.

Successful entrepreneurs run in the Dazey family; in fact, the inventor of the Dazey Butter Churn, Can Opener & Seal-A-Meal is Linda’s great grandfather.

Eco Friendly and Pet Safe

Our goal is to offer environmentally friendly products that are free from any animal testing. Dazey House Cleaning is proud to be a Certified Green business. We are a company that is passionate about making your home and environment safe from harmful cleaning chemicals. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, our attention to detail, and our open communication with our customers.

Green Home Cleaning

Dazey House Cleaning is a valued part of today’s’ dual-income families. Where the normal work week and commute stretch beyond 40 hours into nights and weekends. Moms and dads are busy with childcare, kids with homework, gymnastics, band practice, soccer practice, rehearsals, etc.

Working most commonly on a weekly or alternative-weekly schedule, Dazey House Cleaning gives busy individuals and families clean, comfortable homes to return to and enjoy. We offer safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning according to your individual wishes.

We are very proud to receive each and every review from our loyal clients through Angie’s List and other sources – complementing the quality of our house cleaning service.

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